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The Utility Sage Customer Reviews

I'm now the proud owner of five Tradlands shirts, and although they've been an investment I really love them all. I'm working on both downsizing and upgrading the things that I own, and for button ups I tend to rely exclusively on Tradlands. It's incredibly hard to find tomboy fit clothing for women that doesn't ultimately turn me into a giant pile of fabric with no shape, and with Tradlands shirts I've had quite the opposite experience.

I have purchased three of your long-sleeve shirts so far, and will definitely come back for more. I forget the exact path that led me to Tradlands. Your name kept coming up on google searches for Androgynous Clothing, Tomboy Clothing, and Menswear for Women.

I’m in love with my shirts! They are fitted, but still offer room and flexibility. People have even asked me if they were tailored! I will definitely purchase more shirts in the future, especially as more patterns and designs come out. I can’t wait to see what the winter selection offers!

The Utility shirt reminds me of my beloved grandpa's old army shirts, but way more comfortable and soft. So nice that a workshirt is made for a small woman but with the rugged utility features. I really enjoy wearing my Tradlands shirts and look forward to finally replacing my old, ill-fitting shirts with these that feel custom made!