Utica Customer Reviews

I'm actually wearing the Utica shirt at this very moment! it's great. I haven't gone sailing in it yet though. I love that it moves with me and doesn't gape at the bust yet isn't baggy (I'm a 32FF or G, so that's a big deal).

I can't say anything negative about my shirt. It's well-made. Its fit is perfect. And the color of the material is simple, yet intriguing. Buttoned all the way up, or completely unbuttoned, my shirt is so versatile. I'm a customer who appreciates and searches for not only clothing, but also everyday items that can last for years and years to come - things that I'd like to hand down to my future children, lend to friends, etc. It's no question that my shirt is durable and will hardly be living in my closet, because I'll always be wearing it and bringing it along in my travels. Thank you for your craft, taste and most importantly, your endless selflessness to your customers. I cannot wait to see what you have in store this year and the next (and the next). Cheers, Kay

Sadie and Jeremy, Just a note to say thanks for the ornament and gift card ya'll send for the holidays. It just reminds me how much I like to shop with small businesses, run by people who care! The gift card was super generous but totally unnecessary. I'm just really happy with the quality and fit of the shirts I've received. So I'm a devoted customer. I'm really looking forward to seeing the spring shirts. Thanks for what you do.