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Vacationland Customer Reviews

I wasn't sure at first when I received this-- super light weight, I was honestly a little worried how this would last with my super physical job, however it has lasted beautifully! It's perfect for those Maine summers, which aren't too hot, but can dip in temperatures. Plus, imagine my surprise when my favorite button-up company, created a shirt after the state I live and play in. Plus, plaid-- am I right? It's super comfortable, and as always the handwritten notes are a beautiful touch-- as is the sustainable packaging. This gal is super happy, thank you! P.S it washes fantastically, and goes through the dryer super well!

Just wore my new shirt today for first time and am so sold! It is me, me, me! Thank you. It fits perfectly, just perfectly! And is just the right length…did I mention I love the fit? Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase and I really liked the packaging – way cool job. Trying to decide which one or two I will buy next!

Imagine my excitement as a woman "of a certain age" to discover the timeless quality and attention to detail present in my Tradlands shirts (I have two & counting!)! The beautifully executed touches such as a collar never in need of an iron due to its impeccable construction and buttons with understated quality testifying to a design team who knows the way each and every element of a shirt needs to fit together seamlessly if the final product is going to be worn again and again all harken back to a time when pride in product was the guiding principle. Tradlands shirts will always hang in my closet because, new as they are, their quality will stand the test of time. Thank you! -Renee