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Waikiki Beach Customer Reviews

Buying sight unseen (from Australia to the US) is always taking a chance, but I was initially drawn to the great Tradlands site; I like the simplicity and images. And then my shirt arrived and I'm delighted with my purchase. My Bobbie is well made, fits just as described - and I really like the soft fabric. I was impressed by the terrific Tradlands service: I couldn't resist their kind offers, particularly as we're currently challenged by the high US$ exchange rate. While the Tradlands shirts are a little more pricey than what I would normally spend, I look forward to getting years of good service out of my Bobbie.

Well made, wonderful basic. Transitions well from work week to weekend. Thank you!

I put off buying shirt for a long time, but when I finally did I was glad to do so. Fine craftsmanship, soft, durable fabric, and a classic cut means I can wear this shirt all over the place. It's a little tighter in shape than I'd like, but still incredibly comfortable and sexy.