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Waverly Customer Reviews

There are no other companies that I have ever been so satisfied with they way I have been with Tradlands. The fit of their fantastically crafted women's shirting is unparalleled. They have unique fabrics and prints (hello Hammerhead sharks!) that are fun without sacrificing a classic and timeless appeal. I now have three of their glorious button-ups and I find myself reaching for them on an almost daily basis. As for the service they provide, Sadie and Jeremy go out of their way to make sure that you are satisfied and beyond with your purchase. I can't wait to get my next shirt because I know that it will be well worth investing not just, in my closet, but in this company too.

Hey I just wanted to thank you for making a great shirt. It's nice to wear a size small again. I received my Tradlands shirt on Saturday and I've already worn it twice (in a row....). I've never understood why people don't make clothes that don't fit women's bodies... so this shirt was a big deal. You never know how much peace of mind not worrying about if your 3rd button has popped open can bring, until you don’t.

I love my new shirt! It is the first dress shirt that I know will last more than a year-- and in theory I expect to last for the next decade or so. It's beautiful, and while I bought it a bit large, it's actually tailored, so it's not bulky on me, just relaxed and loose. It's so wonderful, and I get comments on it all the time.