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Waverly Slate Customer Reviews

The small is perfect! It's like sizes used to be. These days I have to take a medium in shirts because of my bust measurement, but then the entire shirt is too huge. Small fits me perfectly except for the bust. PLEASE DON'T change your sizing - It's The Best!

I can't say anything negative about this shirt. It's well made. It's fit is perfect. And the color of the material is simple yet intriguing - I love the overall red hue of this shirt, but if you look closely, there are patterns of red and black all throughout... Oh, and it keeps me warm! I can comfortably wear this without an undershirt and feel completely warm and secure. I also like to wear it as a light jacket. It's large enough to let me layer up, without being "baggy." Buttoned all the way up, or completely unbuttoned, my Tradlands shirt is so versatile. I'm a customer who appreciates and searches for not only clothing, but also everyday items that can last for years and years to come - things that I'd like to hand down to my future children, lend to friends, etc. It's no question that my Tradlands shirt is durable and will hardly be living in my closet, because I'll always be wearing it and bringing it along in my travels. Thank you for your craft, taste and most importantly, your endless selflessness to your customers.

I try, try and try again to wear men's stuff all the time, because I have a body that doesn't have many curves, but it still looks like a men's shirt on a woman. It's such a bummer, but now, I have no reason to be bummed out. I have found Tradlands. I will be a lifetime customer, I am sure. Button downs are my "go-to" shirt for work and play. Thank you so much for creating a shirt so needed and done so well.