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Introducing The Busby. A collaboration between Tradlands and Lizzie Garrett Mettler, author of the iconic and influential blog and book Tomboy Style. Tomboys have always held a special place in American style history. No one understands the tomboy soul and spirit better than Lizzie. This popover is inspired by the classic menswear oxford shirt - in a fun and bright grape stripe.

"The great thing about these shirts is that they are extremely versatile. They will look as appropriate with a pair of jean short cut-offs and a pair of huaraches as it would a crisp pair of white trousers," says Lizzie.

The Busby popover is perfect every outing, every adventure, every woman. This grape and white striped oxford has a solid but soft feel. It features thick, double-stitched pearlized buttons and a side gusset detail to reinforce the stitching at the hip. Darts gently define the bust while a traditional back vent, found in menswear shirting, keeps the fit relaxed and casual. Each shirt has a Tomboy Style label stitched at its collar. Inspired by him, made for her ... and designed by the consummate tomboy, LGM.

  • 100% Heavy Weight Cotton
  • Grape and White Striped Oxford Cloth
  • Gently Darted at the Bust
  • Overall Relaxed Fit
  • Double Stitched Pearlized Buttons
  • Sewn & Sourced in USA
  • Ships Free via USPS Priority

Our Busby Story

"There's a certain buzz in the air when spring rolls around every year, that electricity of spring has us smiling as we start peeling our layers of coats and hats away for the more breezy and airy ensembles we've been waiting all winter for. Busby is a family name with English origins, and connotes both properness and ease. Like its name sake, the Busby shirt is just as versatile. Wear it with a pair of cut off jean shorts, or wear it with a pair of crisp white cigarette pants, it's ready for any occasion." - Lizzie Garrett Mettler, Tomboy Style

Lizzie featured Tradlands on her beautifully curated blog, Tomboy Style, back in March of 2013, just weeks after our website launched. Through an interview with her, we realized we have a lot in common. She mentioned that she has been wanting a great high-quality oxford popover - something she has been unable to find for years. So we decided to make one together.

What makes this collaboration so great? We both appreciate and understand the tomboy ethos. It's a mutual genuineness that made it easy to work together. Also, we both value clothing that is classic and well-crafted. Our shirts fit the style and quality the Tomboy Style reader looks for.

In Lizzie's words: "There are so many brands out there that are chasing trends and trying to portray an authenticity that just isn't there, Tradlands is one of the few labels where in an instant you know that they believe in their product. Part of that is because they're small, but part of that is because they are incredibly thoughtful. Every aspect of their design is considered, from the fabrics to the buttons."

Excuse us while we pinch ourselves.

What will your Busby story be?

Customer Reviews

I'm so happy with my shirt! I ordered the Busby and it's absolutely lurrrrrvely, and the packaging and note included was so sweet! It fits beautifully, is super comfortable and chic and so, so useful, and it's really rare to find all those things together in one garment that's also made domestically. Thank you so much, I know I'll wear this shirt fondly for years to come. Much love, Vicky

Happy with my new shirt, thanks. I bought this shirt because of the collaboration with a favorite blog, Tomboy Style. I'm sure it'll become a favorite. -Becky

Love the shirts. Someone sent me your site, but now I don't know who. I got the shirts because I wanted summer tops that I could take traveling back east that could be for beach as well as cooler evenings. I like the casual style of the pullover. The fabric used for the white one is just great, a little thicker than a regular oxford. let me now if that pullover style is ever going to be made in other colors. (red stripe?!) - Linda Cassidy

Thanks for the check in email. Everything was great with the Busby shirt. Now i just cant decide which I like more, the Ashburn or the Busby, and I can't wait until you guys have more colors, I am a sucker for the pop-over! to answer you PS, I saw your company on Tomboy Style, and loved the look of your shirts, the cut and the classic styles and also the quality of the shirt that looks like it would last. After reading more about your approach to design and manufacturing I knew it was a company I could get behind. While I am not 100% committed to buying products made in the US, (or Canada for that matter as that is my home), I do try to buy with the philosophy of fewer, better quality items that are made as ethically and responsibly as possible. So thank you for making such a great product! -Justine

I love my new shirt! It is the first dress shirt that I know will last more than a year-- and in theory I expect to last for the next decade or so. It's beautiful, and while I bought it a bit large, it's actually tailored-- so it's not bulky on me, just relaxed and loose. It's so wonderful, and I get comments on it all the time, thank you! Hello, by the way!

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