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List Your Look(s)

From your purchase history, you can select items you’d like to list for sale. Simply list the condition, upload your own photos, and submit the listing for review.


Earn Store Credit Or Cash Out

When your garment is sold and delivered safely to the buyer, we’ll give you 100% of the purchase amount in store credit that will never expire. If you decide to cash out instead of using store credit, you’ll be charged a 20% fee.

General FAQs

Who is the Worn Well Exchange designed for?

The Worn Well Exchange is truly for everyone. Whether you’re a brand new shopper with us, this is a great way to invest in your first Tradlands piece that’s been gently worn and loved-on but is slightly more affordable.

It’s also a great way for current and long-time customers to update their wardrobe with the new styles while allowing those classic and past season pieces to be given new life by those who may have missed out on them in past seasons.

And most importantly, it gives everyone a chance to live out the principles of cost per wear and a curated wardrobe by sharing what they no longer wear, and buying pre-loved pieces that will last for years to come.

Who can use the Worn Well Exchange?

In our beginning stages, the Worn Well Exchange is only open to customers in the United States and Canada. That being said, we realize our customers live all over the globe and it’s a top priority to expand our program as soon as possible to include all of our customers.

How Does Shipping Work?

The buyer covers the shipping costs, and the seller is responsible for shipping the garment. Once the seller submits a listing for approval, a $10 shipping fee will be automatically added to the total price.

When the transaction is complete, we’ll notify the seller via email with a pre-paid USPS shipping label. The seller will then drop off the package at any USPS location or dropbox.

Why use the Worn Well Exchange instead of Poshmark or similar platforms?

When you buy Tradlands from other sellers on other platforms, we are not able to verify its history nor its true condition. Through the Worn Well Exchange, we can ensure an honest transaction from seller to buyer where you can dispute a transaction based on the description of the item.

FAQs - Looking To Buy

What can I find in The Worn Well Exchange?

You will find Tradlands customers reselling their pre-loved and gently worn pieces. Items shown are sold by a Tradlands customer and they will ship your next closet essential directly to you.

How do I pay for a Worn Well Exchange item?

You will pay in the same way as with a new Tradlands piece: our simple, secure checkout. Click "Add to Cart" and proceed through the checkout as usual.

How long does shipping take?

Sellers on the Worn Well Exchange will fulfill your order in less than 3 business days. The item will ship securely with a tracking number and should arrive no more than 3-5 business days after it is shipped. That being said, please know that delays can sometimes occur for a variety of reasons.

Can I return my Worn Well Exchange purchase?

All Worn Well Exchange purchases are final unless the item is not in the condition described by the seller in the original posting. If this happens to your order, you can open a dispute case with us. If we confirm the dispute, we will offer a refund and ask you to return the item. of reasons.

I ordered a new item and a pre-loved item in the same order, how will shipping work?

In these cases, your order will be split-shipped. The new item(s) will be shipped from our warehouse and the pre-loved item(s) from the Worn Well Exchange will be shipped to you by the seller. Your order will get two tracking numbers for each portion of the order. If you have questions, reach out to info@tradlands.com and we’ll be happy to help.

FAQs - Looking To Sell

Step-By-Step How-To for Sellers

1. Use your email address to log-in to your customer account on tradlands.com. Don’t have an account? Click here to quickly create one. Be sure to use the same email address you use when you purchase from us.

2. Pick the item you are ready to give new life to and click “Sell Pre-Loved”.

3. Accurately describe your item and add multiple photos. Include as many details as possible, this ensures a smooth transaction.

4. Input your asking price.

5. Click “Sell Pre-Loved”. The Tradlands team will review your submission and notify you when it has been approved.

6. Once it’s approved, start promoting your piece! Social media, text, and email are great ways to drive traffic to your listing and get in into the right hands (or closet) sooner.

7. Once your item sells, we will email you a confirmation and a pre-paid shipping label.

8. Prepare your item for shipment by ensuring it is clean and well-packed. Apply the label and drop the package off at your local post office or with your mail-person.

9. Once the buyer receives the item and confirms the condition matches your description, you'll be prompted to select a payout in either store credit (equal to 100% of the selling price) or a cash payout (includes a 20% fee).

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