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I spent my early twenties buying from popular stores and wearing clothing I was uncomfortable in. When it came to wearing those garments on repeat, they fell apart after a couple of washes, often with seams stretched and fabric pilling. The items I loved were usually vintage, thrifted from the men's section and resized with my sewing machine at home. Like many women I tired of chasing the churn of fast fashion styles. Staying on top of trends was exhaustive and expensive.

I always found myself drifting to the menswear aisles. I noticed the clothing looked and felt classic, fabrics were durable, and details simple and considered. I didn't see the same options for women and, from that missing space, Tradlands was started in 2012.

Rather than taking cues from the runway or trends, I focused on perfecting essentials for women, inspired by thoughtful tailoring, expert details, and quality fabrics. A modern approach to foundational pieces that become the canvas of your wardrobe and personal style. That remains the heart of every Tradlands garment. Clothing to make you feel like yourself, however you choose to wear it.

This brand started from what was missing but Tradlands is built by our passionate community and remarkable team. It’s your energy, feedback, and enthusiasm that has made this brand what it is. You are who we are. What I’ve learned is so many women are frustrated with disposable fashion and looking for something better. We’re here to give you just that. Join us on Instagram to see how women are wearing our pieces and talking about what we do.


Creating pieces you can wear with everything and live in for years to come is kind of our mantra. Timeless, well-made essentials that redefine the meaning of effortless style. The perfect canvas for keeping your cool — with signature details that you may only notice up close but make you feel like a million bucks from every angle.

We make the best clothes for lifestyles as diverse your days. Clothing that moves with you, loves a washing machine, and is tailor-made for a life that’s unpredictable. Buy with longevity in mind. Although our garments might be an investment, they’re expertly designed for the long haul. That’s why we make everything in the highest-quality materials we can get our hands on. We know each piece has to keep up with the woman who wears it. Styles to live in now and love forever.


Embrace the power of closet heroines. We create archetypal clothing - dresses, sweaters, jackets, and tops - in small batches. Each new product, like our business, is developed slowly and thoughtfully, with respect for the people we work with and our customers. We carefully engineer each detail — from the fit to the fabric to the trims — and refine your favorites every year. Timeless, well-made essentials that redefine the meaning of effortless style.

Clothing shouldn't be stressful. Getting dressed shouldn't cause anxiety. But every woman knows those feelings. Our goal is to create clothing that honors you, gives you confidence, creates a canvas for your personal style, and allows you to move through your day with ease — so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Better with Time

Our company is based on a few core beliefs. At the heart of those principles is a focus on quality. There is a clear difference between a shirt bought at a fast-fashion retailer and a shirt purchased from us. From the way the fabric is sourced to the type of needle and stitching used, clothing can either be painfully poor in quality or it can exude elegance. We passionately define our quality standards so your pieces can be worn well and often. But don’t take our word for it. See what thousands of women have to say.

What does high quality mean? The garment will last years, it’s durable, and made to move with you. It needs to stand up to washing and retain its shape — and it’s not something you are itching to take off the minute you get home. We create clothing that functions for your lifestyle, feels great, and holds up along the way.

What does high quality look like? The fabric is smooth and the detailing purposeful. The interior seams are clean and finished. The trims are strong and sophisticated. Our pieces are well-constructed, versatile, and easy to care for.


Signature details like drop hems, flattering necklines, and sturdy buttons guarantee the timelessness and durability of your garment.


Chameleon pieces with perfect fits. Our best-selling pieces range from size XXS to 4X so finding your perfect fit is easier than ever.


Exceptional, easy-to-care-for fabrics. We find the best quality textiles that feel good against your skin and get better with each wear.


We take customer feedback seriously and improve our best selling products every year — because we can always do better.

Wear It Well Blog

Meet our Fabrics

Quality is something you can feel. When you touch your favorite Tradlands piece we hope you feel the quality and carefully crafted details that go into everything we make. 


Our Cost Per Wear Promise

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Linen pants are the perfect item to take you from summer into fall, from fall into winter, and beyond. They're lightweight, comfortable, and can be styled in a variety of ways.


Our Extended Sizing

We aim to design timeless essentials that make you feel comfortable in every part of your life. Read about how we launched our Plus Size collection featuring updated fits and unlimited confidence. 


Our Easy Care Fabrics

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be challenging and uncomfortable. Linen is a popular sustainable fabric and something we have fallen in love with for our collections.


Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe

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MEET Our Team

Sadie B.

Co-owner and wearer of many hats who loves being a mom, her two rescue dogs, hiking around Maine, and dreaming up next season's silhouettes and color palette.

Jeremy R.

Our CMO and co-owner who also loves helping the marketing team, jiu-jitsu, hip-hop and bass music, DJ'ing, and dusty finger record digging.

Aina A.

Our CS Support & Assistant who gives support to the entire team. In another life she would like to become a park ranger and speaks four languages fluently.

Lenka K.

Our Email and SMS Marketing Specialist who is always looking for ways to improve our content and communication with a soft spot for good coffee any time of the day.

Jessica F.

A Merch Planning genius helping to bring the best at just the right time. She is an excel wizard, scouting trends & creating the perfect palette with a camera always in hand.

Cheryl T.

Our Product Development guru who manages all things product related, and believes in constructing better product, one sample at a time. She's also a yogi who bakes a mean pie.

Paula D.

Our Marketing Assistant who provides support to the team and ensures project completion. Off the clock, she's immersed in a world of canine videos, video gaming, and literary escapes.

Holly V.

Our passionate graphic designer based just outside of Vancouver, BC, where she blends creativity with precision. When she's not crafting designs, she enjoys finding the best sushi spot in town and spending time with her two cats.

Claire H.

Our Operations Lead who always puts our customers first, making sure your needs are met with a smile as sweet as her solutions. Outgoing and extroverted, she loves a good red wine and good company.

Holly D.

Our Growth Marketing guide who's always looking to optimize & push things further. If she's not on her laptop, she's finding her next hike or bringing home her next foster pup.

Liz W.

Our Social Media Assistant who creates and manages content across our platforms. When she’s not doom scrolling on TikTok, you can find her at the nearest thrift store, scavenging for gems.