Introducing our
new Cozy Yarn

The changing seasons are not complete without finding that totally touchable, soft fabric you love in your closet. Maybe it’s that vintage sweater, that hand-me-down knit, or that scarf from your trip aboard years ago. We’re so thrilled to bring our own Cozy Yarn into your capsule closet to become your next well-made staple that you can’t keep your hands off of!

What is the Cozy Yarn?

The Cozy Yarn is a brand new fabric blend we made for this winter season.

Launching in early November, you’ll see this fabric in three new styles. It is made with 60% recycled poly, 30% nylon, and 10% wool. We’ve done wool and wool blends in the past and customer feedback has shown that wool tends to be itchy and requires a baselayer to enjoy it. Plus, most “fuzzy” fabrics include acrylic as well which we know our customers do not like in their garments.

With that in mind, we sourced a yarn that would serve the purpose of being super soft, but without the acrylic while maintaining some of the natural fiber content. The recycled polyester was a bonus as well! With the right blend of recycled poly and a little nylon, the wool creates a super soft feel and a naturally textured look without the itchy feel.

A few other washing and care tips to keep
this soft fabric in great condition:

• Consider washing in a tight mesh garment bag if washing with lots of other pieces. Things like zippers or buttons can snag the fabric and to avoid that, you can use a garment bag when washing.

• Wash inside out. Keeping that front-facing side clear of any blemishes is key. Turn the garment inside out to wash to help!

• Avoid activities and layering styles that cause lots of friction with this fabric. Because of how soft it is, this garment is more likely to pill than some of our other 100% cotton styles. Being mindful of this when wearing and styling will keep the garment in great shape season after season

Where can I try it?

This fabric will be featured on three new styles coming this winter season. You’ll find it in our Judith Cocoon Cardigan, Orchard Crewneck Sweater, and our Orchard Beanie.

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